Kristin’s vision for office includes:

Reducing crime by increasing economic opportunities for our residents

Kristin will:

  • Support equal pay for equal work and an increase in the minimum wage;

  • Promote youth development, adult literacy and workforce programs;  

  • Advocate for disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) and bolster enforcement through the Office of Supplier Diversity;

  • Support fair chance hiring practices, including "Ban the Box” on employment applications, to help those who face systemic barriers to employment.

Reforming the juvenile justice system and expanding access to effective community-based services

Kristin will:

  • Revise current curfew laws to ensure that enforcement does not disproportionately target minority youth or inappropriately refer young people to the juvenile justice system;

  • Require quarterly reporting on curfew violation enforcements by race, gender, age, ethnicity, neighborhood and outcomes of the referral and/or enforcement action;

  • Support proven prevention and intervention initiatives that reduce the number of youth entering the juvenile and criminal justice systems;

  • Invest in the development of a robust continuum of services that offers young people the array of skills and supports they need to become positive, contributing members of the community.

Strengthening and streamlining the NOPD in order to combat violent crime

Kristin will:

  • Support an officer pay raise;

  • Increase the frequency of career advancement testing;

  • Expand recruitment and retention policies;

  • Advocate for a third-party organization to run background checks during the hiring process;

  • Support the appointment of a Police Chief with community policing experience;

  • Promote the use of existing technologies and equipment to lower operational costs.

Improving infrastructure and increasing sustainability

Kristin will:

  • Advocate for an independent commission comprised of engineers, hydrologists, and other experts to investigate New Orleans' current pumping and drainage system;
  • Prioritize maintenance and regular cleaning of canals, ditches, and drainage catch basins; 
  • Allocate additional resources for streets and pothole repair, with a focus on residential neighborhood streets; 
  • Ensure that funding previously allocated for infrastructure repairs is used promptly and efficiently;
  • Allocate for green infrastructure initiatives throughout the city planning process.

Eradicating blight, building affordable housing, and incentivizing home-ownership

Kristin will:

  • Re-establish the Algiers Blight Committee, which eradicated over 500 units of blight during her term as Councilmember;

  • Refine all city agencies that deal with blight to make them more efficient and accountable;

  • Advocate for substantial public housing set-asides, in the 20-30% range, for any development project that utilizes public funding;

  • Work with affordable housing non-profits to promote equitable policies;

  • Support the creation of basic health and safety standards for all rental units;

  • Lobby the Louisiana Housing Corporation to provide greater incentives for extended affordability and to apply penalties for early terminations of affordability periods;

  • Promote special incentives for first-time homebuyers to purchase NORA properties;

  • Work with community groups to amend the Short Term Rental Ordinance to better reflect the needs of each neighborhood.

Expanding and enhancing public transportation

Kristin will:

  • Complete the Algiers levee bike and pedestrian path;

  • Allocate funding for a covered walkway and pedestrian bridge as part of the new Canal Street ferry terminal;

  • Engage residents and community groups in all planning stages of proposed changes to the Algiers Point ferry terminal;

  • Advocate for more frequent ferry routes and expanded streetcar lines;

  • Allocate funding for the purchase of more buses;

  • Work with civic groups to draft more transformative transportation policies.

Promoting civic engagement and increasing governmental transparency

Kristin will:

  • Open a satellite Council office on the West Bank;

  • Require the participation of neighborhood groups in the city planning process;

  • Seek out relationships with leaders from non-represented communities;

  • Host regular town hall-style meetings with community organizations and advocacy groups; 

  • Publish annual legislative reports to ensure accountability.