Ramsey’s Negligent and Ill-Conceived Plan to Demolish the Ferry Terminal


NEW ORLEANS—Kristin Gisleson Palmer issued the following statement on the Administration’s ill-conceived plans to demolish the Canal Street Ferry Terminal redesign without fully funding a pedestrian bridge:

“This is yet another example of how Councilmember Nadine Ramsey has broken her promises to her constituents. We have been told repeatedly by the Administration and by Councilmember Ramsey that residents would be included in the planning process for the Canal Street Ferry Terminal. This has never been the case.

“Once again, I urge the Mayor and Councilmember Ramsey to reverse course on their negligent and ill-conceived plans. The terminal should not be demolished until there are concrete designs and a designated, proven funding allocation to build the pedestrian bridge at the same time as the rest of the project.

“We still have not been included in any discussions about the pedestrian bridge. We have not received an update on the bridge’s funding or its design. We have been left in the dark consistently throughout this entire planning process.

“The number one reason New Orleans employers fire their employees is because they are late for work. At a time when our residents need work, the cost of living is high, and affordable housing increasingly unattainable, Councilmember Ramsey wants to trap our workers behind a train.

“If Councilmember Ramsey is serious about including her constituents in the planning process, our community and riders would be happy to meet with her today."


Andrea Dube