Gisleson Palmer Demands Ramsey Return AirBnB Campaign Cash

NEW ORLEANS - In response to recent news that Nadine Ramsey has been raising money from the short-term rental industry, Kristin Gisleson Palmer released the following statement:

“It is critical that our City Council is willing and able to stand up to special interests and to make smart and informed decisions about policies that have a huge impact on our neighborhoods and communities. Councilwoman Ramsey’s acceptance of out-of-state campaign cash with interests that cut against safe and affordable housing in New Orleans is unacceptable. She should return these donations today and tell these outside interests that, when it comes to our neighborhoods, New Orleans families come before Silicon Valley elites.”

On December 1, 2016, the New Orleans City Council, with Nadine Ramsey’s backing, passed a series of ordinances to allow "Short Term Rentals" (STR) throughout the city without full consideration of different neighborhood needs and without adequate input from residents.

The Gambit Weekly recently revealed that a STR lobbying group, “The Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity,” planned to host a fundraiser for Nadine Ramsey, candidate for City Council, District "C," as well as for Aylin Maklansky, a candidate for City Council, District "A." Maklansky served as Ramsey's legislative director when the STR ordinance passed last year. The lobbying group’s president wrote in an email to its members, "these individuals have worked on our behalf in the past and pledge to do so going forward." The lobbying group has previously given campaign contributions to both Ramsey and Maklansky.

In addition, Ramsey received $2,500 from AirBnB, the maximum contribution currently allowed under campaign finance law. Ramsey received the AirBnB contribution only one month after voting against legislation that would have held companies like Airbnb liable for violations by those who use their site.

"Why did my opponent receive such a large check from AirBnB just weeks after she did their bidding on the council?” said Palmer. “The people of District ‘C’ need a council that fights for safe, affordable neighborhoods for our families and not a rubberstamp for the same people who made it impossible for regular families to afford to live in San Francisco. These outside interests want to price local families out of New Orleans and Nadine Ramsey is apparently happy to cash their checks.

"If Nadine Ramsey cares about safe, affordable housing for New Orleans families she will send that campaign cash back to the Silicon Valley fat cats and say  'no, thank you. Our neighborhoods belong to us.'"

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