Ramsey’s Insults Can’t Hide Her Special Interest Campaign Cash

Councilwoman takes thousands from special interest behind botched ferry project as she calls residents’ concerns “Crap”

NEW ORLEANS -- Kristin Gisleson Palmer, candidate for New Orleans City Council District C, blasted her opponent, Nadine Ramsey, for her callous treatment of residents’ concerns while happily accepting campaign cash from those who stood to profit from her neglect.

In the lead-up to the awarding of a $10 million grant for the new ferry terminals in 2015*, Nadine Ramsey took $2000 in campaign contributions from Transdev/Veolia Transportation, a France-based private multinational conglomerate responsible for the ferry project. (See below for donations and proof of corporate name change)

Transdev design of the terminal failed to include a pedestrian bridge to allow working New Orleanians adequate use of the ferry system as a means of commuting to and from work. After residents spoke-up about the problem Councilwoman Ramsey lost her cool and dismissed these concerns as “crap.”

What isn’t “crap” is the fact that Transdev could allocate that 5 million to other areas that benefit tourists over the needs of residents and workers of District C.

“Ms Ramsey knows the goal of a privately contracted company is to cut costs to increase profits,” Gisleson Palmer said. “The planning and funding completely disregarded the community and left the community out of the planning process. They are now being forced to find monies for the bridge because Ms. Ramsey allowed Transdev to put profit over the needs of the public. And then when she was forced to face the fact she got hostile, defensive and insulting.”

“It’s bad enough to ignore the needs of your constituents but insulting them is just a disqualifier,” Gisleson Palmer said.

Gisleson Palmer pointed out that she has rejected offers of donations from Transdev and called on the company to make right by the residents of New Orleans by guaranteeing the construction of the pedestrian bridge.

“Instead of offering to write checks to candidates, Transdev should offer to write a check for the cost of the pedestrian bridge. As a multinational conglomerate, Transdev can afford it. The working people of New Orleans should not be forced to pay for Nadine Ramsey’s campaign contributions.”

Documentation of contributions and Transdev name change

VEOLIA 2.png


** http://www.nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2017/09/new_orleans_canal_street_ferry.html

Andrea Dube