Grab LLC Business Partner and Former Campaign Treasurer for Ramsey Pleads Guilty to Tax-Fraud, Raises Big Questions

Palmer calls on Ramsey to release all tax filings regarding the holding company for her blighted property

Amidst revelations that Councilmember “No Show” Nadine Ramsey holds a 45% stake in a blighted Lakeview property, more questions remain regarding Grab LLC, the holding company behind which Ramsey has spent a decade hiding her interest in the property. Of the red flags, including the fact that Grab LLC had its license revoked earlier this year, the most disturbing is Ramsey’s association with business partner and fellow Grab member, Brendel Deemer.

Just last month Deemer, a New Orleans CPA, pled guilty to “willfully filing a false tax return. This plea comes after Deemer was charged with continuing to deduct business expenses for a day care center that ceased operations after Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, Deemer was charged with falsely reporting her income from Deemer CPA and Consulting services.

As a member of Grab LLC, it is likely that Deemer performed CPA services for the holding company during the same time she was filing false returns for herself. To make matters even worse for Ramsey, Deemer served as treasurer to Ramsey’s mayoral campaign in 2010.

Kristin Gisleson Palmer, Candidate for New Orleans City Council District C, called on Ramsey to make a full accounting of her association with Deemer, both as her business partner and treasurer for her mayoral campaign.

“There are so many discrepancies regarding Ms. Ramsey’s blighted property such as what happened to the Road Home money that was supposed to be used to fix the property,” Palmer said. “But the idea that Ramsey is in a company and employing as her treasurer someone who was at the same time filing false tax returns is very disturbing.”

“It is up to Ramsey to come clean on her dealings with Deemer and Grab. Was Deemer pulling the same stunts for Ramsey and Grab that she was pulling with her non-existent daycare center write-offs? Has Ms. Ramsey confronted Deemer about this and gotten to the bottom of it for herself?

“For the sake of transparency Ms. Ramsey should release all tax-filings from Grab LLC along with whatever personal filings she has regarding her interest in Grab. This is the only way to assure the voters of her district that this scandal doesn’t run any deeper than it already does.”


Andrea Dube