“No Show” Nadine’s Blighted Record on Higgins Gate

Absentee councilwoman continues to ignore Algiers neighborhoods

If you know Algiers then you know to steer clear of Higgins Gate. This property has been home to vermin, disease and crime since its post-Katrina demolition. And yet despite multiple promises to clean up the property, including a “Victory Lap” style press conference in June of 2016, the property continues to be an embarrassment to the city, a health hazard to residents, and another example of “No Show” Nadine Ramsey’s idea of promise keeping.

“The only thing Nadine Ramsey seems to care about is taking money from Bourbon Street bars,” Gisleson Palmer said. “Higgins Gate is just another example of Nadine Ramsey’s broken promises to her constituents, and her complete inability to address the critical needs of neighborhoods in Algiers. Nadine Ramsey talks the talk, but when it comes to actually rolling up her sleeves and getting the work done, she continues to be a no-show.

491 days have passed since Nadine Ramsey announced in a press conference that Higgins Gate would be demolished. As of October 10, 2017, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has not received a request for an asbestos removal permit, which is required before any demolition can legally begin.

Ramsey’s disregard for Higgins Gate is little surprise given reports that she in fact owns her own piece of blight in New Orleans at 5530 Canal Blvd.

“Given Councilwoman Ramsey doesn’t know how to clean-up her own property, it’s no wonder she is a ‘No Show’ when it comes to cleaning up Higgins Gate,” Palmer said.


Andrea Dube