Ordinances, Motions, & Resolutions Authored by Councilmember Gisleson Palmer & Adopted in 2013.

• Created a dialogue with the Administration, taxicab, and tourism industries to create a process to reform the taxicab industry, which was ultimately adopted by the City Council.

• Authored Ordinance Calendar No. 28,590 to provide taxicab passengers with a passengers’ Bill of Rights notice which specifies the rights of passengers in for hire vehicles.

• Established a permitting system for wheelchair accessible taxi cabs to provide transportation for elderly and disabled residents and visitors.

• Authored Ordinance Calendar No. 28,618 to provide an amendment to taxicab special event fares to remove a fee allowing drivers to charge passengers an additional amount for traveling with wheelchairs.


Adopted New Taxicab Permitting Regulations and Vehicle Standards

The Council adopted a series of ordinances introduced by Councilmember Gisleson Palmer instituting reform of the city’s taxicab industry and for-hire vehicle bureau. Since 2010, Councilmember Palmer held dozens of public hearings through the Transportation Committee.




Complete Streets ordinance

Authored and passed the Complete Streets ordinance, the first in Louisiana, which states that when the City designs a street, it must design it for all users. This includes more bicycle facilities on the streets and pedestrian and ADA compliant facilities on sidewalks throughout the city.

Algiers-to-Canal Street Ferry

Palmer led elected officials and transit advocates in a successful campaign to save the ferry and ensure its sustainability for years to come.

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Restored recycling service to the French Quarter and Downtown Development District (DDD). Service in these areas was suspended after Hurricane Katrina.

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