Ordinances, Motions, & Resolutions Authored by Councilmember Gisleson Palmer & Adopted in 2013.

Creation of Multi-Modal and Transit Oriented Development (M-13-169) – directed City Planning Commission to collaborate with Regional Planning Commission, Downtown Development District, University of New Orleans Transportation Institute, and others to create a scope of work for consideration and to establish priorities for implementation in the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to connect Federal City in Algiers and the Naval Support Activity Base (East Bank) through multi-modal forms of transportation and promote Transit Oriented Development along routes linking the two destinations.

Ferry Fares (M-13-193) - requested that the fares are set to ensure the continued operation without interruption of the New Orleans ferry system and ultimately securing long-term operation of the New Orleans ferry system. On August 22, the City Council approved the fare structure.

LA Swift bus service (R-13-204) supported the continuation of the LA Swift bus service from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Union Passenger Terminal’s application for TIGER V funding (R-13-185) supported the Union Passenger Terminal’s application for TIGER V funding to update the terminal track to current, more efficient and effective layout in order to improve maintenance and overall operations.

Union Passenger Terminal’s application for TIGER V funding (R-13-185) supported the Union Passenger Terminal’s application for TIGER V funding to update the terminal track to current, more efficient and effective layout in order to improve maintenance and overall operations.

Complete Streets ordinance

Authored and passed the Complete Streets ordinance, the first in Louisiana, which states that when the City designs a street, it must design it for all users. This includes more bicycle facilities on the streets and pedestrian and ADA compliant facilities on sidewalks throughout the city.

Algiers-to-Canal Street Ferry

Palmer led elected officials and transit advocates in a successful campaign to save the ferry and ensure its sustainability for years to come.

Community Redevelopment

Establishment of the Algiers Economic Development Districts and Redevelopment of Former Schwegmann's (Ordinance Calendar No. 29,621) which creates two economic development districts in Algiers. The two districts, called Midtown Algiers Economic Development District and Algiers South Economic Development District, establish property tax abatement programs within their boundaries for eligible properties that are redeveloped and brought back into commerce in those areas. The assurance of the establishment of these development districts encouraged Event Rental, LLC, currently located in Gretna, to purchase the former Schwegmann's site at 4400 Woodland Highway for their future headquarters. The site at 4400 Woodland has been vacant for over 10 years.

Lot Next Door Program- (Ordinance 29,397) extended the Lot Next Door Program making vacant lots available to surrounding neighbors who were not eligible under the original program, developed in partnership with Councilmember Stacy Head. If no expressed interest on a property by August 1 then the property is eligible for public auction. The Program ends January 1st and remaining properties will be available through NORA’s other property disposition programs.

Iberville Redevelopment Project (M-13-163)- through her leadership and commitment to oversight of the Iberville Redevelopment project, Councilmember Palmer authored a motion reiterating the Housing Authority of New Orleans’ (HANO’s) obligation to ensure that all phases of redevelopment, including demolition, infrastructure work, renovation, and new construction, provide meaningful employment and contracting opportunities to residents of Iberville and the surrounding CNI community; and approved the demolition of certain buildings while providing an exemption of buildings that shall remain and preserved for redevelopment.

Demolition of HANO vacant and blighted off-site housing (M-13-120) - approved the issuance of demolition permits, as requested by the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), for abandoned, structurally unsound, and dilapidated structures in District “C” and throughout the city.

Demolition Debris Regulations Strengthened – (Ordinance Calendar No. 29,361) strengthens demolition and construction debris removal regulations and enforcement thereof, developed in partnership with the city administration. Redevelopment through zoning- approved zoning requests to allow for the redevelopment of several vacant residential complexes in Bywater.

Expropriation of abandoned Algiers property (R-12-477 ) Resolution authorizing the Algiers Development District to act on behalf of the City in order to expropriate certain abandoned property within ADD’s district for the purpose of rehabilitating economically depressed property by placing it back into the stream of commerce.

Historical Preservation

St. Claude Avenue Arts and Cultural Overlay Zoning District (from Press to Poland Ave) authored and approved a text amendment to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and zoning map change in order to create the St. Claude Avenue Arts and Cultural Overlay Zoning District which allows commercial uses that preserve and promote the arts and culture.

French Market Corporation Board member- led approval by the French Market board for the allocation of funding to create an Environmental Specialist office that will mitigate sound, sanitation, graffiti and other environmental quality of life, in cooperation with the Mayor’s administration and Health Department.

Upper Pontalba Building Restoration Corporation (R-12-478) approved the issuance of Taxable Indebtedness of the Upper Pontalba Building Restoration Corporation in order to provide funds for capital improvements, including renovations and roofing, and provide a capital reserve, including reimbursing the Corporation for any capital improvement costs incurred prior to the issuance of the Indebtedness (the "Project"), and pay costs incurred in connection with the issuance of the Indebtedness.

Flood Insurance Reform (R-13-167) urged the Federal Legislative Delegation to amend or revise the Biggert – Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, to temporarily suspend the release of all new DFIRMS for adoption by communities in order to give communities time to work with FEMA to push enrollment into the NFIP for a special enrolment period, and various other revisions to protect constituents.

GOSEP funding (R-13-119) supported Rep. Bryan Adams’ amendment to restore the local allocation of the Emergency Management Program (EMPG) grant monies as allocated in Fiscal Year 2012-2013.

Disaster Recovery

Restored recycling service to the French Quarter and Downtown Development District (DDD). Service in these areas was suspended after Hurricane Katrina.